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Welcome to JS HARDY LLC. Building Envelope Consultants

JS Hardy, LLC is a Building Envelope Consulting firm located in Houston, Texas and Shreveport, Louisiana.

We provide technical service as:

Roofing Consultant

Waterproofing Consultant

Masonry Wall and Wall Cladding Consultant

Curtain Wall and Storefront Window Consultant

We specialize in the evaluation, analysis, diagnosis, testing, design and inspection of all elements comprising the exterior components and systems of the ‘building envelope’. We identify and eliminate engineering defect and construction flaws and develop reports, programs, budgets, specifications, and drawings.

We offer a broad array of technical services to assist you with your unique building envelope needs. From on-site forensic investigation to determine the cause of water and moisture leakage into the building, to design drawings and specification to the work needed, to monitoring and inspection of construction as it progresses and develops.

JS Hardy provides all our clients thorough, unbiased, detailed and technically rigorous services for every building envelope renovation project.

We diagnose problems and develop solutions to increase the performance and lifespan of your building while complying with your budget requirements.

JS Hardy Building Technical Services:

Building Envelope Consultant

Fenestration Consultant

AAMA Testing

Roofing Consultant

Window Water Testing

 Waterproofing Consultant

 ASTM Testing

JS Hardy, LLC provides professional and expert building inspections, testing and analysis, culminating in concise, accurate and complete reports, recommendations, budgeting, design, contract administration, construction management and construction inspection for property owners, facility managers, general contractors, attorneys and insurance professionals.

JS Hardy, LLC is not a construction contractor or affiliated with any building material manufacturers or suppliers.

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We are here to help!