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Non-Destruction Testing – Infra-Red Surveys

JSHardy provides several means by which to scientifically and accurately evaluate water and moisture infiltration into building envelope systems. The non-destructive processes do not penetrate, alter or destroy the in-place building components and will not affect, alter or cancel Contractor or Manufacturer’s warranties or guarantees.

Infra-red thermographic scan of the building exterior – be it roofing, EIFS or wall cladding systems or materials – can quickly and accurately determine if moisture is infiltrating through the building envelope.

Capacitance meters, as used by JSH for moisture survey of roofing and wall systems, are a very accurate method to determine moisture content within a building system. The equipment operates on principles of electrical impedance due to moisture-laden materials.

Accurate and complete moisture surveys of a building can determine entry points of moisture through the building envelope, and as such JSH can develop a plan to correct small problems before they become major issues.

We are here to help!

We are here to help!