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Water Testing – Forensic Analysis – Reports of Building Systems Condition

JSHardy Conducts pressurized water testing services following ASTM and AAMA-standard protocols for window, door, and skylight water testing. This non-destructive testing confirms the ability of wall and window systems to resist water leakage. This service is valuable to General Contractors and legal clients and is also used to determine the building condition for Assessment Report to Building Owners.

Forensic analysis and destructive testing are sometimes required to accurately determine the configuration and condition of components within a building envelope assembly. Our 40-years of field experience in the construction industry allows for accurate assessment of building materials and components in failure mode. Other types of testing JSH conducts as part of moisture intrusion investigations and building envelope evaluations include RILEM moisture absorption testing, electrical capacitance moisture detection testing, and infrared thermography. JS Hardy can accommodate and provide a wide variety of ASTM compliant testing services.

Whether you project requires analysis of materials provided and systems installed, or if the performance of any building envelope component is in question, JSH can perform the appropriate testing to assist in evaluating any deficiencies or in confirming compliance with prescribed criteria.

We are here to help!

We are here to help!