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Building Envelope Systems Design

Once the building envelope performance problems are analyzed and reported in a proper Building Condition Survey, the experienced architectural and engineering consultants at JSHardy are particularly and exceptionally adept at implementing the desired renovation and remedial work by producing professional quality construction documents specific to the needs of each Project.

JS Hardy llc provides design services for clients on several levels. For clients who either own, control or manage existing low-rise, mid-rise or high-rise buildings experiencing problems regarding:

Water Infiltration through any part of the exterior building envelope, be it the roofing or roof flashings; masonry walls or EIFS or stucco wall veneers or wall plank cladding; leaking windows and doors; sheet metal flashings such as roof flashings or wall flashings or window flashings; waterproofing systems such as brick and masonry sealants or masonry coatings, plaza deck waterproofing or below-grade waterproofing; caulking-grade sealants such as window sealants, door sealants, or waterproofing sealants at wall fenestrations and associated penetration control joints.

Thermal Insulation system problems resulting in moisture vapor condensation within or on wall or window assemblies or materials; thermal problems relating to thermal breaks or thermal telegraphing within the building envelope enclosure.

The ultimate goal of our services is to provide the Owner with a building facility which keeps the interior climate in and the exterior weather out. Protection and preservation of the exterior building envelope is critical in controlling the natural forces acting upon the total building, and the professional staff at JS Hardy blends all elements of the design to be in harmony with environmental forces acting on the total building assembly. We consider all elements of the building envelope design, including the overall visual effects and aesthetics of the completed work, construction safety concerns, as well as accessibility per building code requirements

JS Hardy creates construction documents consisting of a comprehensive Project Manual covering all aspects of the proposed work with a complete set of Specifications, Drawings and Plan Details per AIA or CSI Standard of Practice. Alternatively, for Projects of small size or limited scope, JSH can modify the construction documents as necessary to provide the specific corrective work required in an abbreviated form to reduce design fees, yet target the problem areas on any particular building.

We are here to help!

We are here to help!