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Building Envelope Management Program (BEMP)

JSHardy has successfully assisted clients across the US through implementation of our Building Envelope Management Program (BEMP). Most building envelope systems require maintenance and repair to achieve their expected life-cycle – be it:

Repair of Roof Flashings;
to Sealants at Windows and Doors;
to Sealant on Masonry Walls;
to Corrosion Control of Sheet Metal;
to Repair of Plaster ´Walls;
to Replacement of Wall Claddings.

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A complete and accurate Building Assessment Survey is conducted with ultimate goal being to fully understand: what materials were used to construct the building envelope system; what was the means and method by which the materials were originally applied and constructed; and any failure mechanism the building system is currently experiencing.


From this information and data, JSHardy Develops a repair and maintenance program for the building envelope systems. The Program is delivered in hard copy manuals as well as digital form, and allows for updates and additions to the program. Simple and easy to use, the Building Maintenance Staff often provides oversight and management of the Program. A proper, complete, and accurate BEMP will reduce building fund budgets and avoid crisis management.

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