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JSHARDY, LLC is a Building Envelope Consultant firm located in Houston, TX and Shreveport, LA. With over 40 years of experience we have successfully provided specialized consultant services from commercial, residential, industrial, and institutional building owners from Charleston, SC to Ketchikan, AK

The founder J.Steve Hardy, started working in 1974 as Apprentice in the International Roofing and Waterproofing Union, advancing through the ranks to Foreman, Superintendent, Project Manager, and eventually Contractor. In 1985, he entered the consulting design field, where in addition to providing basic services, he authored architectural design textbooks and technical articles for professional publications, as well as providing continuing education lecture and seminar to Architect and Engineer Associations.

There is no substitution for our practical hands-on experience combined with proven technical knowledge of building systems.

We are proud to say that our unique qualifications and depth of experience provides a design approach to building projects wich reduce construction costs and results in a more durable and efficient building envelope system. Normally our design fees are recouped by Owner in savings, either initially or over the course of time.

Mission Statement

Provide exceptional building consulting services by fully focusing on client’s building envelope problems, putting their needs first in all matters relating to every phase of building envelope engineering and consulting, which includes roofing, waterproofing, building exterior repairs, along with their respective components.

Steve Hardy

Senior Technician

David Stephenson

Field Technician

James Hardy

Managing Principal​

JS Hardy Specialties include:

  • Leak detection of water infiltration through the building envelope, using advanced infrared thermographic camera equipment, electronic capacitance/impedance meters, moisture meters and gravimetric analysis.​
  • Testing and diagnosis of problematic building envelope systems and materials using ASTM and AAMA procedures and methods.
  • Litigation support for attorneys as the expert witness.
  • Construction Project development and implementation, including budgets for the work, construction schedules, bidding documents, contract requirements, specifications for work, architectural and engineered drawings, quality control of the construction work and project close-out documents, including owner warranty requirements.
  • Developing Building Envelope Maintenance Programs, which manage the owner’s building assets.

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JSHardy proved to be a valuable asset on this Project (Safeway Plaza, Maple Valley, WA). We were experiencing roof leaks before the work was even completed. He discovered the problem causing leaks, as well as documenting work that was not completed to plan. Additionally, he discovered other hidden problems with the wal waterproofing systems, and I can directly trace over $100,000 in future cost that was saved due to Mr. Hardy’s involvement. His firm will be involved in all of our future developments.

Chris Pallis, Pres., Pallis Properties Managing Partner, Four Corner Association

Prior to JSHardy’s involvement (in InterBay Building, Seattle, WA), we had obtained roof contractor bids, which excluded roof tear-off or roof insulation upgrades. Steve developed plans for existing roof tear-off, new R-30 insulation upgrades, and 20-year roof warranty, for $50,000 less than our lowest previous bid!

Jeff Thompson InterBay One, LLC

We are here to help!